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I am a working mom using blogging as an outlet to feed my true self, the self who gets joy from creating. The self who can’t chose between interiors, fashion, events, and cooking because they are all arts that feed my happiness. 

More than any title in the world, I identify myself with the title of mom. It is who I am before anything else and I realized to be a great mom, there are other passions I need to feed as well. Routine can kill us, and we live in an expensive, fast-paced world where us mommies have to do it all. I found myself getting caught up in the day to day responsibilities and expectations and I forgot to make time for me. 

I have been following beautiful female bloggers, admiring what they do and how beautifully they do it. Some of their lifestyles aren’t attainable (let’s be real!) BUT why was I living through them? I decided to use this outlet to create beautiful, creative content and in doing so create a beautiful life. Now, do we always have time to make things “pretty”? Absolutely not! Sometimes my house will be a mess and my outfits will consist of leggings and flip flops! But taking the time to dress up your dinner table, feeling pretty on a day spent with your friends and family, cooking a beautiful and tasty meal, and working on some design projects at home can take you away from the routine and instead focus your energy into the beauty that can be inserted in your day to day life. 

While studying fashion design, I had a professor talk about our industry and how no one truly needed the arts to survive. He said that what we were offering wasn’t a necessity (as I freaked out about this speech and my high tuition). He then said something I have always remembered. He said that we are the ones who add the sparkle, who create things others would have never imaged, the ones who add beauty and magic to every day. I see what he means now when I see a bride light up on her wedding day, a client feel beautiful after a styling session, or a friend get excited about working on a home decor project together. 

So WELCOME to my not always beautiful, but striving to be so life! I hope Her Inspired Guide brings a little sparkle into your life! 

With Love,